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General Terms & Conditions 103rooms

§ 1. Any of the following will constitute a contract on these terms between the guest and 103rooms: where one or more rooms have been requested, confirmed or reserved.

§ 2. The rental agreement refers to an any stay excluding breakfast(*). The use of the kitchen remains optional to the guest
during the entire rental period. Use of any items other then for the intended purpose is unacceptable, especially such actions would breach the general regulations of the house and regulations in relation to noise control.

§ 3. All rooms, especially the kitchen, are to be vacated in orderly condition. Smoking is not allowed inside the apartment. Any severe mess left by the guest may incur additional costs to the guest. We are renting a private apartment. In case rules of the house are not respected, the lessor has the right to resign the contract immediately. In that case the payment in advance is going to be kept by the landlord. Damages provoked by the renting persons or their guests (eg: glass breaking, stains, etc.) will be fully charged and are payable in cash.

§ 4. The rental agreement remains binding for both contracting parties for the whole duration of the agreement, and both parties are bound to comply with the terms and conditions. The guest cannot terminate this agreement unilaterally.

§ 6. The reserved room / apartment is made available to the guest on the date of arrival from 5pm until 12 midday on the departure date. Departure after 12 midday (late check-out) requires an appropriate booking and incurs extra cost. The same applies to an early arrival before 5pm (early check-in).

§ 7. Reservations remain open until 8pm only. Later arrival must be by arrangement and a deposit must be paid for the booking in advance. Thereafter, 103rooms reserves the right to rent the room to other persons. If guests do not arrive, a no-show payment of 90% of the agreed price will be due.

§ 8. The guest reserves the right to prove that no loss has occured to the contracting partner 103rooms through the non-utilisation of a booked room / apartment, or that the loss is lower then covered by the agreed estimated amount.

§ 9. If an agent makes a booking on behalf of a guest, the agent and guest are jointly liable.

§ 10. For information on charges regarding amendments and / or cancellation of arranged bookings please refer to the 103rooms current price list.

§ 11. The guest is liable to 103rooms for any and all damage caused to the building or fixtures, as well as any lost or missing items, whether these were his / her own responsibility, or through the responsibility of anyone he / she invited or allowed into the room.

§ 12. Insofar as we liaise with external services on request of the guest, be they caterers, technical services, decorative services or any other kind, we act on behalf of and at the cost of the guest. The guest is liable for the appropriate handling and orderly return of any leased goods and will indemnify 103rooms from any claims made by third parties.


The tenant will charge fees as follows :
up to 30 days before arrival: 0 %
up to 20 days: 50 %
up to 10 day: 80 %
less than 3 days or no cancellation: 90% …of the total rent.


The apartment is ready from 5pm on, except for special agreements.
Check-out time is 12 midday on the day of departure, except for special agreements.


The tenant has no claim on a specific apartment. We reserve the right to change the booking onto a comparable or even superior apartment if necessary.

The owner of the apartment or the building in which the apartment is located in, is not liable for thievery.

In case of non-authorised additonal overnight tenants, the lessor can cancel the contract and has the right to charge an additional amount per non-authorised person.


We do provide internet access via WiFi. This is a free service. In any case of technical problems we try our best to get the connection repaired. BUT we are not liable to any consequence due to non functional internet access. Filesharing is prohibited and can be persecuted.