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Few steps far away exist two supermarkets, where you can provide yourselve as desired with Haribo.



A few organic food market stalls, in front of a witty Coffee-vehicle, which supplies market visitors with the popular caffeine drink, a bearded Indian with turban who offers his specialities and of course the traditional farmer stalls local delicatessen. That's your Thursday morning right on the doorstep, the farmer market on the Zionskirchplatz.

Wochenmarkt Zionskirchplatz

If you got too much coffee and are hilarious jumping for joy, fall down and scrape your knee, the pharmacy next door will help you.


In order to ease after the exhausting Citymarathon, we recommend you Yoga. That's the way we do it in Berlin.


Tattoo the TV tower of Berlin as beautiful memory in the back. Remember only to book the date early enough, the guys are the best.


Flowershop, 24/7 around the corner

Restaurants (Recommended)


The unique dishes combine elements from Indian, Mexican, Californian and Italian cuisines. Vegi/Vegan Only the freshest ingredients go into our vegetarian, vegan and salmon dishes

Sasaya, one of the best japanese restaurants in the neighbourhood. The few steps to the Lychenerstrasse are worth it.


And again an japanese restaurant. Kuchi, here you can observe the scene of Berlin at its best.

Next to Kuchi

Always full, but always delicious. The people stand here in a queue.

Monsieur Wong

Oriental food at Babel, so fantastic that it is easy to ignore the surliness of the sellers.


Going out

Dancers from around the world show what is new in modern dance today


Everything your heart desires exists around the corner, even a tiny cinema showing old movies.

Kino Lichtblick

The Kaffee Burger, a legendary dance club, where you can eavesdrop regularly to Balkanbeats.

Kaffee Burger

Torstrasse is known at the moment as the new In-street of Berlin. Here are a lot of galleriies, Pop-up stores and bars. This development continues in the Brunnenstrasse, where you can find lots of gallerys, Second Hand Shops and Studios.

Fashion shopping

New hat, bow tie, or extra cool gadget, at SOTO you will always find something that a true male fashionista will love.


Grab your Platinum Card when you want to visit Herrn von Eden, but once in your life it's the time for a beautiful suit.

Herr von Eden

If you don't have a Platinum Card, it doesn't matter. Go to the wonderfull vintage shop "Garments" right in your Neighbourhood.

Garments (Secondhand Vintage Clothing)